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FIDAQUITAINE French Independent accounting firm in Bordeaux

Our chartered accounting office - Bordeaux

We are an audit and accounting firm based in Bordeaux (France). Accounting, management, taxation, legal, payroll and advices on social matters, our firm can meet all your business needs.
We have true experience in start-up or take-over businesses which are our specialties. We have already helped more than 120 people start up new businesses and 80 individuals buy or take over existing firms.
Our customers appreciate our reactivity, experience and for sure the conviviality of the team !

Our services

Our team is made of ten people, structured in several working poles:

  • Accountancy
  • Forensics and amicable
  • Accounting, Taxation, Management
  • Legal
  • Payroll and social
  • Auditorship

The Fidaquitaine club

Regularly, our “Club Fidaquitaine” organizes free conferences on current issues ! Finance, legislation, strategy, web marketing, legal status ... Our experts are involved for moments of exchange and sharing ! These events generally take place once every two months, on Friday mornings, and it’s the perfect occasion for networking and having breakfast at the same time!


Our firm is a member of PrimeGlobal France, which is the third largest association of independent accounting firms in the world. This gives our customers relays and skills in France and abroad, for international development.

Sustainable development

It is alarming to get aware our environment deteriorates a little more each day. Whether through deforestation or our consumption model, as releases of greenhouse gas emissions and pollution caused by energy production ... The world is changing and we all have our part to act !

Our firm has chosen to be a sponsor for "Proximity Carbon" to act for reforestation in Aquitaine. The 21st and 22nd of March 2014, 600 trees were planted on Emile GRELIER exploitation (bio viticulture), including through participation Fidaquitaine. The objective of this action was to recreate biodiversity.

Our firm tries to limit its environmental impact. We use 100% recycled paper. We privilege public transport instead of personal car and we extended video conferencing solutions to limit our travels.
Also, our actions involve simple daily acts as witching off lights, computers and coffee machine when away... Finally, we work with providers offering bio products or belonging to fair trade for our Club FIDAQUITAINE events (like our coffee !).

In addition, we are currently working on the implentation of beehives on our property or solar panels...

Also, we won the price "Ecodéfis Label" in 2014 !

Join us on social networks !

Fidaquitaine is active on several social networks to communicate and exchange information about our expertise (accounting, management, taxation, employment, payroll, legal, entrepreneurship, business creations, business takeovers).  The aim is to provide you with useful and reliable information !


Our firm performs several computer watches (for entrepreneurs, business creators and buyers) and delivers daily all the information you need!
For entrepreneurs:  On the “Observatoire de Fidaquitaine” you will find relevant articles on entrepreneurship, management, taxation, regulation, trends, crowdfunding, general funding, innovation ...
Business creation in Bordeaux: If you are entrepreneur and need advice, legal status, ideas, business plan, management, startup method...
Take-over business in AquitaineFidaquitaine helps you to better understand the approaches and challenges of corporate recovery.
Pay, and personnel management:  The objective is to provide entrepreneurs with the latest news on the payroll, human resources, management ...
Taxation and business management:  You will find the latest tax news for companies as well as management advice that will help you on a day-to-day basis.


We are also very active on Twitter, where we relay throughout the day news for entrepreneurs, journalists, opinion leaders, experts…!
Follow us on: @ Fidaquitaine


With our Google+ account, you will stay informed of our topicality, all the events, our breakfasts and conferences plus our two communities of interest (corporate creators and business buyers in Aquitaine)...


You can see our infographics and pictures on Pinterest !


You will find general news about our accounting firm (articles, Fidaquitaine Club events, sponsorship ...)


At last, join our Facebook page for complete immersion in the heart of our FIDAQUITAINE firm !


Florence PAGES

Adjointe conseiller pôle Comptabilité / Fiscalité / Gestion

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